Fw: Interesting Net Project -- Divine Guidance Research Project

Alexa Champion (alexa.champion@erols.com)
Fri, 20 Aug 1999 05:54:06 -0100


Thought some FoRKers just might be weird enuf to want to try this at home...
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From: Jonathan <steigmaj@erols.com>
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Date: Friday, August 20, 1999 5:22 AM
Subject: Interesting Net Project -- Divine Guidance Research Project

>Hello Everyone!
>My most excellent friend Mark Kaplan is working on his dissertation in
>Transpersonal Psychology. This is a rather cutting-edge branch of
>psychology which integrates spiritual experience, paranormal experience,
>altered states of consciousness, and other experiences outside the
>traditional ego-boundaries. He's studying at the Institute of
>Transpersonal Psychology (http://www.itp.edu/), the leading school for
>this type of work.
>Mark's project is called "The Divine Guidance Research Project." He
>says, "[This project] is devoted to the exploration of the experience
>of seeking, receiving, and following Divine guidance. You are invited
>to participate in this study by submitting personal stories of your own
>experiences of Divine guidance. You are also invited to participate by
>exploring the web site and reading the stories of others."
>This is a very serious, if unorthodox research project. It is also
>non-denominational and non-political. Please visit the site and
>contribute your most cherished stories of your own experiences with
>Divine Guidance. You can contribute anonymously, if you wish.
>The site is at:
> http://pw2.netcom.com/~ogravity/divine.htm
>Please pass this message along to anyone and everyone. Let's help Mark
>make this a worldwide, Net-wide project!
>Jonathan Steigman