Re: Internet technology intersects haute hippy couture

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Thu, 19 Aug 1999 11:55:23 -0500 (CDT)

Oh, there are many drownable types out there in the woods, but I don't
doubt for a second that he and some of his pals sit at the edge of TeaTime
sometimes and laugh their asses off and pat themselves on the backs. (:
And yeh, Doc Dingleboulder (dingleboudler cuz he's more full of shit than
a dingleberry, dubbed so by Major Malfunction) brought up the
Bibbit/Bobbit thing at a Gathering down in Ocala about oh, hell,
January, 93? Not sure of the year, actually, as I'm the type who
catalogues things by places instead of time, but it was not long after the
Bobbit thing happened. But then again, Doc was mentored by the very
famous and so very sexy Major M, who's quite whacked out of his fucking
mind annd who would only naturally grab something like this and run with
it. (: -sigh-

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> << and have always had the prankster mentality
> Ever wonder why Kesey drowns so many of his characters*, excrutiatingly
> slowly, in full view of their loved ones?
> GG
> Also, ever think about/marvel that back in the 70's Kesey castrated his
> character Billy BIBBIT** and then a few decades later we have the real-life
> penis-snipping of a John BOBBIT?
> * Ken Kesey's Garage Sale and Sometimes a Great Notion
> ** One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest