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My blind aged mother who lives happily in a nearby apartment complex
designed for elderly convenience recently asked me to explain what was
all the brouhaha about y2k... and, what exactly was "y2k?" I certainly
hope I allayed her fears by advising that the worst that could happen
around here was that her elec and phone svc *might* be temporarily
interrupted (January is very cold here--she has elec heat) and her
check from US guv Social Security program might be delayed. I
commented that some groups in urban areas might freak en masse whether
anything happened or not... and that could cause local unpleasantness
in their communities ... it's happened before...

I assured her that my preparedness would cover her, too. I have a
decent supply of water and canned foods--actually no more than
normal--, a way to cook w/o elec and a way to space-heat w/o elec.
This scheme is routine preparedness for diasters in this area, y2k or

Am I too optomistic?


David Crook wrote:
> NBC preps 'Y2K' telepic
> Looking to take advantage of millennium madness, NBC Studios has begun
> production on Y2K, a disaster pic that imagines near-apocalyptic results
> brought about by the much-hyped computer bug.
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