RE: [Irvine] "Everyone has to take a job sometime" / NH3

Jim Whitehead (
Wed, 18 Aug 1999 14:59:18 -0700

> << Well, backin the day, the only vibrators they had were those treadmill
> powered ones, so maybe sex is better today cuz of batteries?
> -ducking- >>

Well, the Cleveland Vibrator company was founded in 1923:

But, in 1917, Hamilton-Beach had a "Type-D" vibrator with case, sold as an
accessory to promote "good health and muscle tone" through vibrations and
massage (right :-)

This was later replaced with the 1921 Type "C" vibrator, with single round

Although, the best site has to be the Antique Vibrator Museum:

Which reveals Victorian medical use of vibrators for curing "hysteria"...

- Jim