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Okay, I guess it's archived now! (:

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This probably won't qualify as a winning entry, but I pulled this from,
which is a history of *electric* vibrators:

"A Brief History of Vibrators

The vibrators in our collection date from the turn of the century up
through the 1950s. The illustrious history of the electric
vibrator begins in 1869 with the invention of a steam-powered massager,
patented by an American doctor. This device was
designed as a labor-saving medical tool for use in the treatment of
"female disorders." Within 20 years, a British doctor
followed up with a more portable battery-operated model; and by 1900,
dozens of styles of electric vibrators, just like those in
our exhibit, were available to the discriminating medical professional."


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> << Well, backin the day, the only vibrators they had were those treadmill
> powered ones, so maybe sex is better today cuz of batteries?
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> Okay, girl research wizard, who is credited with the invention of the first
> vibrator? And why isn't he/she a household name, like Thomas Edison?
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