Re: DNS monopoly continues?

Steve Dossick (
Wed, 18 Aug 1999 12:37:31 -0400

In other words, only Network Solutions is currently adding registered
nameservers. But this is a free service, they don't charge for this. While
I agree this is bogus, it may just be that the competitors aren't offering a
competitive service because NSI does it for no charge.

They totally screwed up this competition thing. They should have followed
the plan used in deregulation of most electrical utils in the US: separate
the people who control the actual DNS roots from the people who register
domains with them.

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Subject: DNS monopoly continues?

> Someone reported to me that other registrars, such as,
> are forbidden from registering domains using nameservers other than
> those the InterNIC already has on file serving domains that the
> InterNIC registered.
> In other words, if I want to set up a new domain, technically I can
> call a friend and ask him to do DNS for me, and set up BIND on my own
> machine. If I use the InterNIC, that's all I have to do. But if I use
>, I have to find someone who has a domain registered with
> the InterNIC and get them to serve my DNS.
> So the monopoly is unbroken.
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