THG 1999 style

Tom Whore (
Tue, 17 Aug 1999 15:47:50 -0700 (PDT)

This little story from wired (which fumbles the hacker/cracker thing
rather badly..ouuufffa) reminds me of the Pirate Crackdown of the early

I havent been keeping an eye on the Juarez crowd lately, but this is gonna
be interesting to see how fast new groups spring up.

"even on the net , who am I that I should pay retial?"

Game Makers Take Aim at Pirates
by Leander Kahney

12:45 p.m. 16.Aug.99.PDT
Game companies have filed federal racketeering suit against a nationwide
ring of software pirates who methodically distributed top games, sometimes
even before they were commercially available.
The Interactive Digital Software Association has banded together with six
major game publishers to file suit against three alleged pirate rings,
known as Class, Paradigm, and Razor 1911.

"These are the most sophisticated hacker groups we've run across," said
Doug Lowenstein, president of the IDSA, a games industry trade group that
helps investigate piracy. "They have tentacles that stretch across the

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