Sharemation: Get yer free WebDAV here!

Jim Whitehead (
Sun, 15 Aug 1999 15:19:21 -0700

You may recall that in my recent FoRK-post on Web storage sites
<> I noted that the field
was open for new entrants who offered DAV-based file sharing. Well, the
first such site has entered the fray:

So, if you want to play with WebDAV and you have a Windows environment:

a) Go to and sign up for a free WebDAV account
b) Download IE 5 (with Web Folders -- see instructions at: O2K will work, too.
c) Make a Web folder
d) start sharing

The site has access control capabilities that allow you to share a file
among several collaborators, and the ability to create subdirectories that
are quota-limited in case you want to open them up for world-writeability.

Some technical details on access permissions, and Sharemation's use of
cookies, can be found at:

- Jim

"It's the DAV, baby!" - Rohit Khare