Orgin of the term "byte", 1956

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>> > If memory serves, the term "byte" was invented by IBM when
>> > they designed the Stretch computer.
>> by Werner Buchholz, in fact. 1956.
>Some further support from the web:
> The term BYTE was coined in 1956 by Dr. Werner Buchholz of IBM. A
> question-and-answer session at an ACM conference on the history of
> programming languages included this exchange:
> JOHN GOODENOUGH: You mentioned that the term "byte" is used in JOVIAL.
> Where did the term come from?
> JULES SCHWARTZ (inventor of JOVIAL): As I recall, the AN/FSQ-31, a
> totally different computer than the 709, was byte oriented. I don't
> recall for sure, but I'm reasonably certain the description of that
> computer included the word "byte," and we used it.
> FRED BROOKS: May I speak to that? Werner Buchholz coined the word as part
> of the definition of STRETCH, and the AN/FSQ-31 picked it up from
> STRETCH, but Werner is very definitely the author of that word.
> SCHWARTZ: That's right. Thank you.
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