Re: Eclipse

Joachim Feise (
Thu, 12 Aug 1999 20:45:19

At 19:35 11.08.1999 +0200, Robert Harley wrote:
>4K Associates (Europe) and his Dad were there for you!
>I think everybody in France had clouds except for us. We had a
>perfect view thanks to a mad cross-country dash at the last minute.
>More about that later.
>Here's a piccie. Not great quality but it's something.:

I took about 60 pictures at different stages of the eclipse from Karlsruhe,
Germany, where we decided to go since Stuttgart (where I wanted to go
originally) was forecast to be cloudy.
Absolutely fabulous!
I put the pictures online when I come back to the US, since I used
an old-fashioned camera and have to scan them in.

>I recommend that anyone who gets a chance to see a total eclipse seize
>that chance. The moments of totality are beautiful and awesome.

I fully agree.