Guha resurfaces: epinions

Robert S. Thau (
Wed, 11 Aug 1999 16:38:06 -0400 (EDT)

Rohit Khare writes:
> Ramanathan Guha, former Apple Fellow and metadata guru has moved on
> to epinions, Isee. It's an interesting concept, crossing the
> AMIX./peer-helping marketplaces I've long awaited
> (Usenet-kudos-for-pay) and the recent surge in "independent" shopping
> guides by hobbyists, Tom's Hardware, so-and-so's digital cameras,
> Bob's psych center, etc. Will it be kind of like a grass-roots
>, or a relic like CERN Virtual Library?

FWIW, epinions is the company featured in the Po Bronson NYT magazine
that I mentioned a while ago on this list (when I wondered why they
were being so close with a Big Secret like "we think is
blowing it on Deja ratings, and that we've got a team that can do a
better job").

Speaking of which, does anyone know if the full archive at Dejanews has
come back yet? The last few times I've tried to run a search there, I
can't find anything older than a few months... there's probably a
viable, albeit small, business there, BTW, simply serving the needs of
all the people who liked the old dejanews and are pissed off by the
new one...