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Searching for resources to help me translate, I find -- a dictionary of common Dutch
words. (Unfortunately, the definitions are in Dutch.) -- Dutch-English online
dictionary. -- another online
Dutch-English dictionary.

With the help of these (particularly the second one) I have rendered a
slightly better translation.

Rottweilers bite their dear boss dead

Two rottweilers have only recently become famous, Sunday midday, in
Hulhuizen township in the Betuwe their 37-year-old boss, Alfred
Janssen, bitten to death.

The police, who were warned by the neighbor woman, moest the two
aggressive dogs first shot near the victim so they could enter. The
only inhabitant the dog owner, the gruesome (gruelike) infirm wax, pale
when too much being dead.

[Maybe that means the only inhabitant, the dog owner, was gruesomely
sick-looking, pale because he was already dead?]

The two dogs, Arco and Axel, were first removed (out- shackled) and
then shot dead (walled dead?) when it was apparent what they had

Two attacks [on-fallings]
According to the police spokesman A. Elsendoorn, the victim in the
first instantie (authoritative source?), although by the back-door
(otherdoor) was in the yard by the pair of attackers. "The evidence
from the trail of blood, hair of the head (hoofd hair) and a wristwatch
that on this place were *aangetroffen* (victimized? torn off?). The
man is then by an attempt to run away on the approach near the fence
anew attacked and is subsequently by the serious pain of his wounding
bled to death.

A month ago was a knowledge (kenning -- not kennel!) of the man also by
the dogs in the leg bitten (gebeten?) and was then under medical care
(doctors be-handling) *gesteld*. "From this drama exists there ('ere,
er) never complaints by our incoming", according to the police

Although if no official complaints exist, *wist* (wished?) the
neighborhood, however, that both of the beasts not to have faith to
wander. [The neighborhood didn't trust the dogs wandering?] However,
one of the pair *gedroeg* itself aggressive. "We knew that some some
neighbors (neighborhood inhabitants) and family of the man him
frequently have warned, more he was own personal way.", according to a
neighbor [neighborhood inhabitant]. [We knew that some of his neighbors
and family had frequently warned him, but he followed his own ideas?]
Besides brave strange himself not in the neighborhood of the house to
dare because of various warnings on the signs. 'Go lie flat and watch
until there help comes', so reads the threat on one of the little signs
[painteds] on the *hoge* [huge?] fence around the house.

According to the police, it was well-known that the victim was
afflicted with epileptic attacks. Besides *zou* the ability that he
Sunday afternoon [zondagmiddag, sunday midday] besides had drunk
alcohol. Also, an accident can not become impossible. [cannot be ruled
out?] In each [either] case [idiomatically, in any event] had the
hounds not good reacted at his behavior. [In any event, the hounds did
not react correctly to his behavior?]

Mrs. Brouwer [me frau, my lady] the nearest neighbor of Janssen,
*wilde* alone [alleen; could also be only] lost that the victim very of
his dogs was *gesteld*. [She said he was very attached to his dogs?]
"She wanders all that he had after the death of his parents."

Although the dogs according to the neighbors had a pedigree, stand the
dogs not to book by the Netherlands Rottweiler Club. [The dogs don't
'stand to book' by them? Perhaps that means they don't have pedigrees
for the dogs?] According to president [for-sitter] F. Schaaf of the
club, condition the rottweiler *wel als* [probably if? well when?
though provided that?] one of the four *rassen* on the index [list] of
the ministry [presumably the "ministry" is the club], that one
*agressietest* (attack?) forces take off. [Perhaps if a rottweiler is
one of the four breeds on the index of the ministry, they remove it
from the index if it attacks someone as a matter of policy?] "Our
society [association, club] laid down pain tight requires of the
behavior of this kind of dogs and there becomes precise mead [?! 'mee']
bred, but we don't know what there with these beasts lifted and how the
relationship between the boss and the dogs was. They have themselves
somehow endangered felt and choose then for the attack as best
defense", according to the spokesman. [Our society established tight
rules of the behavior of this breed of dogs and their precise breeding,
but we don't know what happened with these animals and how the
relationship between the master and the dogs was. The dogs somehow
felt endangered and then chose to attack as the best defense?]

[photo caption?]
One sign on the fence of the bitten-to-death Alfred Janssen warned of
*loslopende* (walking around?) rottweilers. The macabre text read: if
the dog comes go flat on the ground lying and watch for help. If there
no help comes: strength...

Photo: Koos Groenewold

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