Be continues to flounder

Tim Byars (
Fri, 06 Aug 1999 10:01:59 -0700

Seems their back in the hardware business again.

> iGeek: iMac for Geeks
> Wired News Report
> 12:25 p.m. 5.Aug.99.PDT
> A tower computer that's just for geeks.
> That's the idea behind the iGeek from, a new joint venture of
> BeComputing and WiredPenguin. BeComputing makes PCs using the alternative
> operating system BeOS, while WiredPenguin is a maker of Linux PCs.
> The iGeek doesn't ship with the BeOS installed, however. Instead, the company
> has decided to use the preferred OS of geeks -- Linux. Debian and Red Hat
> flavors of Linux are pre-installed, while BeOS is available at an added cost.
> See also: Struggling to Be
> Despite its similar name, the system is no iMac in design. Aside from the
> five color choices and translucent case, the iGeek resembles a traditional
> tower PC. Inside the $799 unit is an 433 MHz Intel Celeron processor, a video
> card that uses the popular 3dfx Voodoo Banshee 3D game chip, and 64 MB of
> memory.
> "With these new systems, we hope to reach BeOS and Linux users who would not
> otherwise have exposure to the respective operating systems. The iGeek is the
> platform for the rest of the rest of us. Dig it," said, in a
> statement.
> said the iGeek is the first model in a new line of
> "GeekMachines." The company said that while other BeComputing systems come
> with both BeOS and Linux pre-installed, the BeOS was left out to lower the
> iGeek's price.

I would never try to do production work on it; 
That is like trying to perform brain surgery with garden tools.
    ... me on Win'98

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