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Kragen Sitaker (
Fri, 6 Aug 1999 21:06:30 -0400 (EDT)

I've instituted ezmlm-reject filtering on This means:
- spam sent to without having that address in the To:
or Cc: line (which is most spam) will be rejected instead of being
forwarded to
- you can't Bcc:, because your mail will bounce.
- messages sent to that address with an empty Subject: line will also bounce.
- messages sent to that address with just 'subscribe', 'unsubscribe',
'help', or 'remove' in the Subject: line will also bounce.

Any objections? I can turn the last two 'features' off.

(I think it's pretty cool that ezmlm is written so modularly that
ezmlm-reject can be used for something that is not anything like an
ezmlm list.)

I still haven't gotten around to applying the RBL patches to qmail, I'm
afraid. I'll do it soon! :)

By the way, Rohit: should I switch to forwarding to and instead of I know at the moment
they're the same machine.

By the way, has anyone noticed long delays in
mail getting through? A few days ago I fixed a bug that had caused my
machine to periodically have several-hour downtimes, and I'm wondering
if anyone had had their mail delayed by these downtimes.

[For the curious, I was using pppd persist to keep up my PPP
connection; for some reason pppd was occasionally getting some error on
some obscure ioctl, which was causing it to exit. I put pppd in my
inittab so that, if it dies, init will immediately restart it.]

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Fri Aug 06 1999
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