Re: Big-Ass Tables and Instant Gratification

Mark Baker (
Thu, 05 Aug 1999 21:49:54 -0500

The ICE browser, a pure Java browser, does an absolutely freakin'
incredible job on nested tables. It's an order of magnitude faster than
Communicator or IE, both in initial and resized rendering speeds (but
doesn't come for free - can you say RAM hog?). Our browser does some
pretty cool stuff with rendering nested frames - it was actually
significantly faster than Communicator in a not insignificant number of
cases, but I assume that that no longer holds against 4.6.

Communicator had some buggy code in 4.5 that would render too early in some
cases (forgot the details - missing widths maybe?). I would guess the
downside with fixing this is what you're seeing. I'll test our browser
tomorrow to see how it performs.