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sillyhead (
Thu, 5 Aug 1999 17:32:55 -0500 (CDT)

Same here, where my creative work is concerned. I've found stuff I wrote
that I didn't even remember writing and have thought "wow, why can't i
write like that when i'm sober?' Of course, I've also found things that
have made me think, "huh?" (:

On Fri, 6 Aug 1999, Kieron Lawson wrote:

> I've got an archive of code created while in various 'enhanced'
> states. Some of it's really scary - and some of it's
> remarkably lucid. Seems to have depended on whether I could keep
> it together long enough to finish what I started or it simply got
> too hard (there's a threshold that could probably be measured
> based on branch complexity or something similar).
> Of course, having to write for Windows doesn't help. I'm convinced
> that most of the people who developed the WinAPI and the common
> controls were either drunk or stoned at the time.
> Friday, August 06, 1999, 9:09:47 AM, jb wrote:
> > It's SOOO easy to ramble when sotted... I have a real problem with
> > rambling even when I haven't had a drink in weeks, so you know it's
> > gotta be bad after a cuppa.
> > A friend of mine during the early days of Active Paper once threatened
> > to install a "breath interlock" on my keyboard if I didn't stop writing
> > these huge strategic diatribes to our internal mailing list every time I
> > went out drinking. ;-) He swore that "mailing while intoxicated" ought
> > to be made illegal.
> > (For those that don't know, a "breath interlock" is a device that gets
> > installed in the cars of criminally drunk drivers; it prevents the
> > ignition from turning over unless their blood alcohol -- as measured by
> > blowing into a tube -- is less than the legal limit. I know this
> > because one of my best friends wrecked my car while I was out of town on
> > business several years ago; he had to have a breath interlock in his
> > car for two years after that. Moral of the story: never loan ANYONE
> > your car. :-)
> > jb
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