Re[2]: Joining FoRK?

Kieron Lawson (
Fri, 6 Aug 1999 09:37:56 +1200

I've got an archive of code created while in various 'enhanced'
states. Some of it's really scary - and some of it's
remarkably lucid. Seems to have depended on whether I could keep
it together long enough to finish what I started or it simply got
too hard (there's a threshold that could probably be measured
based on branch complexity or something similar).

Of course, having to write for Windows doesn't help. I'm convinced
that most of the people who developed the WinAPI and the common
controls were either drunk or stoned at the time.

Friday, August 06, 1999, 9:09:47 AM, jb wrote:

> It's SOOO easy to ramble when sotted... I have a real problem with
> rambling even when I haven't had a drink in weeks, so you know it's
> gotta be bad after a cuppa.

> A friend of mine during the early days of Active Paper once threatened
> to install a "breath interlock" on my keyboard if I didn't stop writing
> these huge strategic diatribes to our internal mailing list every time I
> went out drinking. ;-) He swore that "mailing while intoxicated" ought
> to be made illegal.

> (For those that don't know, a "breath interlock" is a device that gets
> installed in the cars of criminally drunk drivers; it prevents the
> ignition from turning over unless their blood alcohol -- as measured by
> blowing into a tube -- is less than the legal limit. I know this
> because one of my best friends wrecked my car while I was out of town on
> business several years ago; he had to have a breath interlock in his
> car for two years after that. Moral of the story: never loan ANYONE
> your car. :-)

> jb

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