Re[2]: Joining FoRK?

Kieron Lawson (
Thu, 5 Aug 1999 19:59:14 +1200

Thursday, August 05, 1999, 9:41:08 AM, you wrote:

> Ah, don't sweat it. If there's one thing I know about this list, it's
> that I can throw a lil fit and not get kicked off of it. And, hell,
> that's good enough for me! -smiling- I took no offense, and rarely do,
> and I hope noone takes offense at my occasional rant/flame.
> hippie hugs for all,
> Cindy

> On Thu, 5 Aug 1999, Kieron Lawson wrote:

>> Weak grounds myself.
>> I've really got to stop sending emails when I'm pissed. I take myself
>> far too seriously.

Fuck, when am I going to learn to say what I mean?

I meant pissed in the two-bottles-of-wine-and-a-half-dozen-beers
sense, not the angry-at-the-world sense.

There is an inverse correlation between the amount of alcohol consumed
and the ability to detect sarcasm.