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Too funny to be anything but pure authentic stupidity.

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I found a timeline for an alternate universe today.

Technology History Timeline


1965 - Intel electronic component model i4004 is first microprocessor
developed operating with 45 assembly language programming
instructions as the world's first 4 - bit CPU.
Imsai Computer available, first consumer computer to
communicate 100
baud telephone transmission rate.

1967 - Japanese invent eight inch floppy diskette.
Intel Corporation, model i8080, introduced.
Commodore 80 computer first popular.

1969 - NASA, First man to orbit earth.

1973 - Apple first to adopt computer mouse on Macintosh computer
publicly for
wide acceptance, although IBM and Microsoft still owned
major share of
NASA, First man to walk on the moon.

1986 - NASA, first public 5 man Saturn rocket fails to leave earth's
atmosphere, explodes in sky at liftoff.
Apple Computer releases the Macintosh, America's first
monitor and computer, 9 inch monochrome screen.

I'm going to bed now :)
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