Re: Internet and privacy; US vs Europe

Gregory Alan Bolcer (
Wed, 04 Aug 1999 08:29:52 -0700

There was a news article on NPR yesterday about a guy who
had slipped and fell inside of Vons and was suing them. The
Vons lawyers had looked at all his purchases from his club card
and said threatened to release all his alcohol purchases to
intimidate him into settling the suit. This, in my enlightened opinion,
is an incredible misuse of personal information. They say that over 35% of
all personal purchase information is resold to marketers. How would
strong crypto help in a case where people unknowingly disclose
private information?


Jeff Bone wrote:
> > How concerned are people in the US about "Big Brother" issues ?
> Some of us, very. OTOH, it's become tres chic among some enlightened
> intellectuals to rally against privacy issues. In my opinion, that's
> just a matter of adopting a philosophical stance in order to safely
> ignore the mess we've made of privacy and privacy law here.
> My position? "Strong crypto, strong contracts, and free markets for
> everyone!" ;-)
> Yrs,
> jb