CommerceNet News: CommerceNet Appoints XML Expert Dave Hollander to Executive Team

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Wed, 4 Aug 1999 08:00:12 -0400

CommerceNet Appoints Dave Hollander to Executive Team

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Sally Khudairi, ZOT Group
+1.617.818.0177 <> -- 3 August 1999 -- CommerceNet today announced that
XML expert Dave Hollander has joined the Consortium as Director of eCommerce
Knowledge Management and Interoperability. He will act as CommerceNet's XML
Lead and will be active in numerous initiatives, including research, the eCo
Working Group, and the Advanced Technologies and Catalog Interoperability

"We are very pleased to have Dave join us," said CommerceNet President and
CEO Randy Whiting. "It is very seldom that we have the opportunity to bring
someone on board with Dave's experience in an area that is as critical as
knowledge management."

Prior to joining CommerceNet, Hollander was Chief Architect of the Electronic
Marketing and Commerce Service Group at Hewlett-Packard. In that role, he was
responsible for the overall content management architecture. A recognized
authority on XML, Dave served as XML Architect while at Hewlett-Packard, and
is currently Chair of the XML Schema Working Group at W3C.

"The Consortium is fortunate to have Dave as a member of our team," added
Whiting. "We look forward to leveraging his expertise in Web and eCommerce
applications, and expect his contributions to benefit the overall eCommerce


CommerceNet is the largest grouping of electronic commerce influencers in the
world, working to make ecommerce easy, trusted and ubiquitous. Launched in
April 1994 in Silicon Valley, its membership has grown to more than 500
ecommerce developers and end-users worldwide from hardware and software
companies, financial institutions, telcos, government agencies, integrators,
service providers, net market makers and others.

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