Re: Joining FoRK?

Tom Whore (
Wed, 4 Aug 1999 00:30:18 -0700 (PDT)

On Wed, 4 Aug 1999, Ben Black wrote:

--]Whenever FoRK reaches depths such as this one can always count on
--]invocation of Tim. Can we get some new knee-jerk reactions, please?

On some lists TIms words are Verbotn, on fork they are requested. Supply
and demand.

Speaking for myself <rant>I can be me and still not wallow inthe waters
of sexual desporia. Its ok to have a penis, or a vagina. THe thing to
remeber is most of us have two arms or two legs or two eyes or an anus or
a nose or a liver....Tehre is more about us that is the same then there is
that is

Expressions of diversity keep things vibrant. Sure there are some sticks
in the mud mofos who will down you for having differnt genitalia then
they, but simply by changing a pronoun you are not solving anything, you
are caving into a crushing sameness, loosing one of the things that make
you a unique being.

So you have shifted focus away from your gential, so they move on to
something else. Its not the clit or the dick they are really gunning for ,
its that you are not them..the lengths that they will go to...the distance
in your eyes....oh no Ive said too much...i havent said enough.

Thats me in the spandex
showing my religon

etc etc

If you keep changing the language to cover up essential truths of
diversity where does that leave you. Cold bone inthe dessert of blah blah
with no direction home.

Language moification (typos aside) for proper thought was shown for its
worth in 1984. Thats the extreem, but thats the raod you traverse when you
seek modification for subgigation.

I am me and you are you. If we are ever the same person we will have to go
clothes shopping cause nothing is gonna fit right.


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