Re: Joining FoRK?

Amy Sapho (
Tue, 03 Aug 1999 22:02:45 PDT

I should explain what I mean by "asexual". Mostly, I just don't want my
sexuality - or my gender - to matter. I don't want to be heterosexual, or
gay, or bi, since each label has so much baggage. I didn't mean to imply
that I don't have sexual desires or interests. In the same way, it's not
that I wish I were male instead of female, but I wish I could just say "none
of the above" because the socially defined roles for the sexes - especially
when played to the extreme - are just so grotesque. It's hard (for me) to
imagine that anyone enjoys playing these extreme roles but evidently many
people do. Why? I'd be perfectly happy if gender were as significant as hair
or eye color. Does anyy of this make sense? If I were just butch, things
would be simpler, and I'd have a culture I could belong to. It's sort of
like not being atheist, but not having found any church you would want to
belong to, and yet missing the sense of community that people get when they
do have a church.


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