...and then there's slavery

Jeff Bone (jbone@activerse.com)
Tue, 03 Aug 1999 14:37:22 -0500

An interesting argument against taxation and in defense of property just
occurred to me.

Surely everyone on this list is opposed to the concept of chattel
slavery. We can all surely agree that the notion of "First Property" is
sound, and that every human has the right to exercise control over their
own body and enjoy the fruits of their labors. Thus, if you deny
chattel slavery, you have therefore endorsed the notion of property, and
endorsed it in a strongly individualistic way.

Further, forget "coercion" or "theft" --- (income or estate) taxation is
tantamount to slavery. It is the garnishing of the fruits of one's
labors "for the common good." In essence, when (at least income) is
taxed, I am enslaved to the government. When estates are taxed, I have
been retroactively enslaved to the government.

's all. :-)