F1 season

Tim Byars (tbyars@earthlink.net)
Mon, 2 Aug 1999 18:01:25 -0700

Man, this has to be the best F1 season in a long time. Who would have
thought Shumi's broken leg would make it a *better* season?

That being said, talk is of Shumi's future. Word has it that Ferrari
thinking about ROI with Shumi. $22 million a year and no title in four
years isn't looking too good for Shumi. Especially with my man Eddie
Irvine and now Mika Salo doing a super job. Mika essentially had
Germany won and out qualified Eddie in his second drive.

So the question is what is to become of Shumi. I have two predictions.
One possible and one insane.


If Ferrari drops Shumi there is in reality only one team he can
realistically go to, that being Stewart/Ford ne: Jaguar. Shumi is
without a doubt the worlds best development driver something Jaguar
needs. Also a team of Shumi/Barricalo is a formidable team. Whatever
Shumi won't go to a Williams, Benneton, or BAR. I just don't see that


Look for Shumi to fly the Atlantic and drive in CART. Cart desperately
needs a jump start after all the B.S. with IRL and Nascar taking over
American motor sports. Look for Shumi to drive for Newman/Hass or
Target. My bet would be Newman Hass because of Ford's involvement thus
assuring him of a few select drives (Monaco, Germany) in F1.

The question and limiting factor is Shumi's price tag. Earlier this
year there were talks of Mickie D's stepping in to fill the void left
by Marlboro pulling out. Whether this is a done deal, and if Shumi
could take the sponsor ship with him remains to be seen. I just don't
see Team Jaguar flying the Mickey D's colors.



Suck it up, tuck it in, and up the dosage.

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