FYI for Forkers - PfHSN99

Joe Touch (touch@ISI.EDU)
Mon, 2 Aug 1999 13:32:04 -0700 (PDT)

Hi, everyone

The following is a workshop I've had the pleasure of
attending many times in the past, and the opportunity to
host this year. It's a true working conference on high-speed
networks - lots of engaging dicussions and 'animated sessions',
in addition to presentations on cutting edge work.

If any of you plan on being at Sigcomm this year, PfHSN is
in the Boston area, and not a bad reason to extend your visit there...



IFIP Sixth International Workshop on
Protocols For High-Speed Networks

Wed. Aug. 25 -- Fri. Aug. 27, 1999
Salem, MA

Sponsored by IFIP WG6.1/WG6.4, technical co-sponsor IEEE TCGN

Co-Chairs: James Sterbenz, BBN Technologies, GTE; Joe Touch, USC/ISI




The Optical Future of High-Speed Nets (working title)
Chunming Qiao
Dept of Computer Science and Engineering
Suny Buffalo

Session 1: Switching and Routing

"A survey of recent IP lookup schemes"
V. Srinivasan, Microsoft Research,
G. Varghese, Washington Univ., St. Louis.

"Space Decomposition Techniques for Fast Layer-4 Switching."
M. Buddhikot, S. Suri, M. Waldvogel
Dept. Network Software Research, Lucent Bell Labs;
Dept. Computer Science, Washington Univ., St. Louis;
Computer Eng. and Networks Lab ETH Zurich.

"How Many Wavelengths Do We Really Need in an Internet
Optical Backbone?"
J. Bannister, J. Touch, A. Willner, USC
S. Suryaputra, Nortel Networks

Session 2: OS and Middleware

"Scheduling TCP in the Nemesis Operating System."
T. Voigt, B Ahlgren, Swedish Inst. of Computer Science

"The Design and Performance of a Pluggable Protocols
Framework for Object Object Request Broker Middleware."
F. Kuhns, C. O'Ryan, D. Schmidt, J. Parsons
Dept. of Computer Science, Washington Univ., St. Louis

Working Session 1: High Speed Charging, Pricing, and Accounting

Animator: Bryan Lyles, Sprint Labs

Working Session 2: Multicast Issues

Animator: Marjory Johnson, RIACS/NASA Ames Research Center



Session 3: QoS Scheduling

"Packet scheduling for heterogeneous multicast transmissions."
V. Roca, Univ. Pierre et Marie Curie, LIP6-CNRS, Paris

"Fair Bandwidth Allocation for Differentiated Services."
A. Basu, Z. Wang, Bell Labs

Session 4: QoS Modelling

"Modelling and Improving Flow Establishment in RSVP."
L. Mathy, D. Hutchinson, S. Simpson, Lancaster Univ., UK

"Charging and Accounting for QoS-enhanced IP Multicast."
G. Carle, F. Hartanto, M. Smirnov, T. Zseby, GMD FOKUS

Session 5: Virtual Networks

"A Traffic Management Model for Virtual Private Network Links."
L. Lamti, Ecole Nationale Superieure des Tcom.,
Cesson Sevigne, France

"Circuit Emulation over IP Networks."
R. Noro, M. Hamdi, J.-P. Hubaux.
Inst. for Computer Comm. and Appl, EPFL, Lausanne, CH.

Working Session 3: 10 Years of PfHSN -
where have we been, where are we going...

Animators: Joe Touch USC/ISI, James Sterbenz, BBN Tech., GTE,

Banquet: House of Seven Gables



Session 6: Wireless

"Performance of Cellular IP Access Networks."
A. Campbell, J. Gomez, A. Valko
Columbia Univ., Ericsson Research

"Routing and Handover Issues of RSVP Messages in Mobile IP Env."
I. Mathes, T. Dagiuklas, INTRACOM SA, Greece

Working Session 4: Wireless Issues

Animator: Julio Escobar, SENACYT, Panama