Alexa Champion (
Sat, 31 Jul 1999 14:19:19 -0100

Since this list has been such a hotbed of knowledge, wisdom and legal
references of late, I would like to pose a question:

Today my mother went into her bank to get a paper notarized. The clerk
stated she could not because "the Senate passed a new law" that bank clerks
cannot notarize papers unless they can attest to the accuracy of the content
on the paper. I've had to have about five other people get things notarized
in the last two weeks and they had no problems. I thought the idea behind
notarizing was that the notary was simply attesting that the person that
claims to be signing the paper is indeed that person, i.e. they require
photo i.d. from the individual and that they sign it in front of them. Is
this clerk right, was a new federal law passed regarding notaries? (strange
anyway since 1) both houses have to pass a *bill* to become a law, a point
she blundered, and 2) one receives one's notary license via the state).

Anyone have some knowledge of this alleged new law?