Re: the 'Disconnected Dozen'

David Crook (
Thu, 29 Jul 1999 18:24:36 -0700

At 06:10 PM 7/29/99 -0700, Tom Whore wrote:
>>From the Register
>Of course, the problem is not just contained in North America. Thanks to
>Britain's "special relationship " with
>the US, some people already regard the UK as being just another US state.
>And when it comes to digital networks, it certainly is in one.
>If that's the case, then maybe this digitally backward isle should join
>the iAdvance's list of backwater states. Then they'd all be known as the
>Disconnected Baker's Dozen.

I thought that most of the UK's networking problems were due to packet
collisons because all of their data is trying to use the left side of fibre.


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