Re: Beggars in Spain

Jeff Bone (
Wed, 28 Jul 1999 15:51:40 -0500

Um, Dave, I think I'd better let that dead thread remain dead. Maybe
Tim --- you out there, Tim, lurking through the archives? --- would care
to pick it up. ;-) Two last bits, though...

> that's the price you pay

Exactly. And when someone is forced to pay a price for some kind of
"value" that the parties to the transaction don't actually agree on, but
which the "buyer" is obligated to proceed with anyway, that's called
"coercion." Or, sometimes, "theft."

> prevent taking or impairing the use of somebody else's property
> without invoking either a state,

I can think of a few ways, some more "civilized" than others. Important
to note, however, that I'm not particularly arguing against a court
system or a legal / penal system or other artifacts of state. I'm
arguing (a) against the notion that such things are a mandatory,
collective responsibility that are funded through state-sponsored theft,
(b) against the notion that such things cannot be funded privately and /
or administered locally, and (c) against the notion that it is inherent
in the concepts of "state," "government," and "body of law" that a wide
range of non-economic issues be dealt with, such as abortion and other
moral concerns, welfare and economic security for the economically
inviable, healthcare, regulation of free trade, and so forth.