pilot LinkMaster protocol [was: Hypertext on PalmTops]

Dan Connolly (connolly@w3.org)
Tue, 27 Jul 1999 11:01:20 -0500

I found this a while ago:

"Diddle is a painting and drawing
application. It features [...] support for
the LinkMaster protocol [...]"

and I wrote the author... he provided the following:

You can find Diddle (and source) at

Thoughtstream (with source)
(currently in an Alpha state... get the older, stable version)

I found an older version laying around on my harddrive. Posted it here:

LinkMaster and modified versions of built-in apps (with source)

The LinkMaster stuff is all Open Source!

I added this to my web research notebook under...

"I use a Palm IIIx these days. The desktop software is too
closed-world (no links to the rest of the web). I discovered
Lotus Organizer supports pilot synchronization *and* web links
*and* it has an API that I can get at from python. So I tried
that for a while. But it's pretty klunky.

So I'm designing a way to sync my HTML day-timer with the
pilot. "

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