Re: anarchists and JFK Jr.

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Fun stuff... any interest in collectively tossing out an anarchist's
bibliography? (First person to put "The Anarchist's Cookbook" on it wins
the exploding brownies. ;-)


If you want a good catalog that'll cover a ton of anarchist stuff, you
should check out Loompanics. I was going through my bookshelf and
pulling out books here and there, but every one of them are in
Loompanics. Of course, last time I looked at Loompanics there was no
web, so they didn't have a website... Looking around now, they most
certainly seem to have

That's where I got TAZ many years ago.

For more enjoyable anarchist readings, I recommend _The Illuminatus
Trilogy_ which has a great part where one guy realizes that all these
anarchists are just another plane of the reactionary - conservative -
moderate - liberal - radical spectrum, and so anarchists just keep
fighting because they never agree. Jeff might like that part.

The Bob Black books are pretty funny in that they're just trying too hard
to anger people.

Lysander Spooner's stuff is fun if you want historical thinking. I got
in trouble many years ago for citing him once trying to prove that the
Constitution isn't valid. It's amazing how angry people can get when you
throw weird arguments at them.

Unfortunately, back when I was studying labor history I used to have a
whole stack of books that focused on anarchists, but I got rid of most of
them when I moved out to California. Kragen is definitely correct in his
explanation of early anarchists being a social movement - very closely
tied to the labor movement of the late 19th and early 20th century.

I used to love reading all that stuff. I haven't looked at it all in a
while, though much of it seems to still be on my bookshelf. Mind you, I
don't consider myself an anarchist, or anything actually. Why bother?