Re: Fascism and Anarchy?

Gregory Alan Bolcer (
Sat, 24 Jul 1999 07:47:53 -0700

I agree completely with your post. The counterpoint
I was trying to make to Kragen was that Anarchism
and socialism are on very opposite ends of the scale. Maybe I should have
quoted "The Anarchist brand of socialism" as I was using
it as a misnomer. Kragen's comment taken out of context was:

>> Historically, anarchism is a branch of socialism.

I was just trying to poke fun/pick apart this comment.

> That sounds directly contradictory to any reasonably intuitive definion of "anarchy" to me... Fascism is
> anti-individual and highly collectivist (nationalist) in nature; anarchy quite the opposite. Certainly
> fascism is polar to, and a historical consequence of, socialism; but I'm not seeing the connect to anarchy
> at all.
It's not. I thought Kragen was trying to make the case that historically it was.