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> NEW YORK, July 20, 1999 (CP) - An unorthodox controversy is currently
> raging in anarchist and radical circles about the recent plane crash and
> deaths of John Kennedy Jr, Carolyn Bessette Kennedy and Lauren Bessette.
> Not suprisingly, many in the radical milieu have mocked the mainstream
> media's "fawning" coverage of the affair. "Get a life!" was the response
> of one leftist caller to the distraught listeners of a popular New York
> City talk-radio show.
> A Washington-based anarchist media source announced the missing JFK
> plane story with a headline reading, "Worthless rich person pilots plane
> into ocean."
> Many self-described "class struggle" anarchists have expressed morbid
> satisfaction in the occupations of the crash victims. They worked,
> respectively, as a former New York City prosecutor, a Calvin Klein PR
> executive and, most appropriately, a Wall Street investment banker and
> venture capitalist.
> Other extremists criticized John Kennedy Jr's widely-reported charity
> efforts as the "cleansing of liberal guilt" and "poverty pimping." "If
> you provoke us with yuppie hagiography, we're going to continue to take
> wicked glee in this so-called tragedy," threatened Chicago-based
> radical, Lucy
> Parsons.
> The anarchists are blaming "inane commentaries" for their hardline and
> seemingly heartless stance in the face of national and international
> mourning for America's "crown prince". One man keeping vigil at JFK's
> apartment in New York City described John Kennedy Jr as "just a normal
> guy" as he laid flowers at an ad hoc memorial.
> This prompted one anonymous bystander to yell, "Ya, a fucking normal guy
> who owns a $300,000 plane and has multi-million dollar trust funds set
> up by his anti-Semitic bootlegging granddaddy and Greek fascist
> capitalist pig shipowning stepfather." The heckler was promptly arrested
> by the NYPD, and criticized by some Greenwich Village Ralph Nader-supporters
> for "divisive, ideological rhetoric."
> North of the border, Canada's national newspaper, the Globe and Mail,
> ran a front-page column which uncritically quotes from Kennedy
> biographer, John Collier. He writes of the Kennedys, "There is something
> riveting about people who live and die more dramatically than we do."
> The quote caused one Montreal activist to unceremoniously vomit his
> eclectic breakfast of soy milk, bananas, croissants and fresh raspberry
> jam.
> Dissenting anarchist opinions, however, are being heard above the
> predictable radical din. Michael Eikhenbaum, a Long Island
> anti-authoritarian, described the crash as a "tragic waste." He
> explains:
> "From what I can gather, the plane was six-seater, so the crash was
> really 50% effective from my point-of-view. Using a simple math formula,
> I've determined that at least three others could have fit into the plane
> comfortably."
> His colleague, Mollie Steimer, agrees: "Too bad they couldn't have flown
> at least a few more annoying Kennedys, or at least one of those pasty
> white Gore kids."
> Eikhenbaum and Steimer's sentiments were countered by Paul Bousse,
> another anarchist agitator, "It's all relative really," he said. "I'm an
> optimist, so I like to think the plane was half-full rather than
> half-empty."
> Oddly, some Buffalo-based activists have announced the formation of a
> "Munir Hussain Society" in the aftermath of the crash. The society is
> loosely modeled on the secretive "Henri Paul Memorial Society" formed in
> the immediate aftermath of Princess Diana's 1997 death.
> Henri Paul was the driver of Diana's limousine, which helps explain the
> society's motto: "Every royal parasite deserves a drunk French
> chauffeur!" Munir Hussain is believed to be the man who sold John
> Kennedy Jr his ill-fated plane three months ago. He is not known to be
> an anarchist.
> Meanwhile, Quebec media sources are reporting that the statue bust of
> John F. Kennedy Sr in downtown Montreal has again been defaced with
> graffiti reading "Ho, Ho, Ho ... Ho Chi Minh!" It was apparently written
> by a local anti-imperialist with a black marker, an irrational grudge
> and a long memory.
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