D.eeppockets O.f D.efense

Mon, 19 Jul 1999 07:01:14 EDT

This is the same government who won't let me or the company for whom I work
take control of my own (excuse me, my PARENTS') SS retirement dollars by
investing directly in the companies it chooses to contract. I know, of all
the takes on this story mine is the weirdest.


Posted at 2:58 PM PT, Jul 16, 1999
While Microsoft and 3Com continue to battle for the hearts and hands of users
with their competing palm-size operating systems in the private sector,
taxpayer dollars have been summarily committed to Windows CE thanks to the
award this week from the Department of Defense (DoD) of a $248 million
contract for "wireless mobile computing devices and related software," which
will include the WinCE operating system.