Re: Another case of pilot error

Eugene Leitl (
Sat, 17 Jul 1999 19:03:42 -0700 (PDT)

Joachim Feise writes:
> As a pilot I may be biased, but planes ARE safer than cars.

In terms of travel hours or miles travelled? There is a slight
difference here, obviously.

> The only problem is, if you make an error, there is a high probability
> that that error is going to be last error you make.

That's ok as long as some other pilot on some other plane does the
critical mistake.

> Most of the pilot training, once you get the basic coordination right, is
> devoted to recognizing unsafe conditions and getting out of them as soon
> as possible or avoiding them in the first place.

I solve this by trying not to be in a tin can travelling 9000 m above
ground at subsonic speed very often. They all come down eventually,
you know. (I don't own a car, either. I try to compensate that by
living atop a fault in quake country).

> In this case, apparently it was not as clear as it originally seemed, and
> according to one pilot report that I heard you could not see the horizon.
> In such a case, the proper thing would have been to turn 180 degrees and
> go back to where you came from, since it can be assumed that the weather
> was better there.

Was this somewhere in the Caribbean, or something?

> The NTSB report on this crash is going to be interesting.