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The bravado of Ibrahim Ferrer as he shows his house to the film crew,
saying how proud he is to be a revolutionary, how proud he is to be Cuban,
and then the extreme pathos as the lights and buildings of New York almost
bring him to tears and he sais he wants to bring his family here. Ouch,
nearly made me cry too.

> Doughnut and I went to see the filmed documentary of the
> Buena Vista Social Club. Amazing film, full of images and sounds that
> combined seems to have gotten to me in ways i didnt think possible.
> The musicians are all older Cuban giants who were mostly all slumbering in
> retirement or obscurity. Ry Coder acted as a quiet catalyst to gather up a
> band of the greats for one last stand of the old sounds Cuban Style.
> There is a scene where one of the singers walks around NYCity with this
> look of wonder in his eyes, down streets I know better than most people
> and have not been on in more than 2 years.
> The images of Cuba are dirgelike but still spark with a kind of hope for
> beauty beyond all hope. To live in the shrouds of hope with music as the
> one thing that sprouts beeauty into your life.....
> A must see flick.
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