The Ho train is pulling out...

Tim Byars (
Tue, 13 Jul 1999 13:03:29 -0700

better hurry and jump on Whoreo..

> Texas Instruments and QDesign have announced an agreement
> to pair QDesign's Music Codec with TI's DSP technology
> for use in portable music players similar to Diamond's
> Rio line of MP3 players. The spec, which provides for
> encoding of both CD audio and MP3 files into the QDesign
> Music format, uses QuickTime 4 as the architecture for
> downloading and playback.
> "The TI reference design, which includes the QDesign
> Music Codec, will be available in late third quarter of
> 1999 so manufacturers will have time to develop players
> in time for Christmas 1999 sales."



Suck it up, tuck it in, and up the dosage.

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