virus hoaxes, etc.

Alexa Champion (
Sat, 10 Jul 1999 19:16:53 -0100

I'm sure you all get hysterical messages like I do about viruses and
such. Here's a fairly solid list of places to check if these stories are
legit or not.


>In recent weeks, we have discussed computer worms and viruses, and offered
>sites where you can go to check out the latest news about them. To read
>about those sites, please visit our Weekend Announcements for 6/18/99 and
>7/2/99, available at these links, respectively.
>But worms and viruses are not the only plagues that infest the Internet.
>The net also abounds in hoaxes about viruses, chain letters, and just plain
>old ordinary hoaxes. So this week we are listing several sites that help
>you keep track of them.
> is a site run by the U.S. Government's Department of
>Energy. It lists not only real viruses and worms but also hoaxes
>pretending to be computer attack programs. Please note that the address
>for this site is NOT on the World Wide Web, so it does not require the
>"www" prefix, it is just
>Please note also the warning that by using the site you will be subject to
>"security monitoring and testing. All activity is logged with your host
>name and IP address."
> is a non-profit site that exposes
>Internet hoaxes and chain letters.
> dispels myths about computer viruses. Webmaster
>Rob Rosenberger wisely notes the Latin phrase "Mundus vult decipi" (the
>world wants to be deceived) and invites you to read about him before you
>take his advice.
> includes a list of great hoaxes throughout
> tracks current Internet hoaxes and offers
>message boards to discuss many other myths and legends in the popular