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<< It seems to me that there are very few functions traditionally provided
by government and public sector organizations that cannot be better,
more quickly, and more cheaply addressed by private concerns and an
interference-free free market. Public organizations tend to be large
bureaucracies that are monstrously inefficient, grossly wasteful,
generally ineffective, and move at a glacial pace. And yet over time we
continue to poor increasing amounts of various resources --- time,
people, money --- into trying to get these kinds of solutions to work.

Just a few more thoughts,

jb >>

Because public organizations are big business, like Government is big
business (the BIGGEST),and their goal, like Government's, is to stay in
business. I liken them both to successful diseases - they don't take enough
to kill the host, keeping the host in a less-than-perfect health but healthy
enough to provide an environment conducive to its own health. Public
organizations would portray the relationship as symbiotic, Libertarians as
parasitic, the rest of us might recognize some tiny value in PO's ability to
raise public awareness. You, JB, would be the White Corpuscle of Discontent.

By the way, did anyone hear Clinton's speech yesterday at Pine Ridge Indian
Reservation, wherein he described the relationship between Government and
Native Americans as "inappropriate"? Yeah, we've been doing that to them
for years.
He seemed a little jetlagged and probably defaulted to his hedgey

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