Re: Beggars in Spain

Tom Whore (
Wed, 7 Jul 1999 21:30:56 -0700 (PDT)

On Wed, 7 Jul 1999, Jeff Bone wrote:

--]Society is, at its most fundamental level, about contracts --- that is,
--]mutual, consensual exchange of value.

See the Odin myth...He is the big chese of the norse gods and has all the
duty of making sure contracts are kept. One eye , one spear, one law fits
all. (and watch out for his daughters)

Also, listen to Lenny Bruces bit about Society and Law on the Live from
Berkely Recording (cdnow link unaviablable due to laziness).

--]So that leads me right back to my question. Why should we fund social
--]programs, domestic or international? Why can't we rely on a purely free
--]market to govern relationships between people, groups of people,
--]companies, and countries?

Because it mkes us fel all warm and fuzy...well thats one valid answer. I
guese each person has thier own. For instance, if we take the SOuthpark
movie , we have those people who need to have a cause to have any self
worth. There are tons of folks here in portland who seem to be genuinley
Giving of themsleves in projects they hope can help anohter. Some just
need to show that the society they are in Sucks and that we need to do
more those with less (the underdog condition..aka the mets fan)

There are all manner of reasons why. Selfish Selfless and everything in
between...but it all boils down to .....the self.

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