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Tom Whore (
Wed, 7 Jul 1999 15:15:40 -0700 (PDT)

On Wed, 7 Jul 1999, Jim Whitehead wrote:

--]> All these things are things that have, do and will happen in life.
--]> Children are treated like kick toys , mentaly and physicaly, all around
--]> us, and the thin curtian of Polite Society helps little to stop it rather
--]> it holds the blinds to the eyes for those who will/can not live in a world
--]> where this happens.
--]I'll grant it may have value as social commentary, but I doubt it will lead
--]to legislation, like "The Jungle" did for the meat industry. But, since
--]these themes have all been covered in previous movies and written texts,
--]what did South Park contribute by re-covering the same issues with greater
--]vulgarity and cartoon violence?

And why is it you fell the "jungle" was taken more or less serioulsy as
this movie (that you probably havent even seen even after entering into
this debate). COuld it be that a recoveing of the same points in a
differnt light or in a differnt tact is something to be seen by those with
eyes and minds wide enough to be able to see more than one doscreet aspect
of a thing?

Could you say that there should never be another slapstick movie made
since Buster Keaton did it all best first, or that the tales of Dracula or
Frankienstien or Lord of the Rings should be laid in a silk crypt to be
gawked at from archival eyes rather than be recast and shown in new views
from time to time? Where would Joesph Campbel, or George Lucas, be if not
for the retelling and reacsting of core issues of myth, life and living?

(hence argument one sunk for ya)

--]Were you really unaware of child abuse before seeing South Park? Are you
--]any more likely to do something about child abuse after having watched South

This is a fairly simple statement which I am sure you already know the
anser for. See above for my views on recasting and restaging of
questions/stories/and or ideas in context to reuse.

--]Having just two nights ago re-viewed the classic footage of the South
--]Vietnamese General shooting a VC in the head on the streets of Saigon during
--]the Tet Offensive, seeing the graphic gurgling of blood from the man's head
--]onto the street, it doesn't seem to me that South Park and that image are in
--]the same league.

That is your opinion to make, and indeed your value judgement to stamp in
your mindset. I dont have to simply place things I see on a linear value
system of Better Best bestest...These things are in a Nth dim array which
go about many axis of core values. Southpark sepaks to me in ways that hit
the levels in many differnt areas.

--]There seems to be something about abstracting the violence and vulgarity
--]onto cartoon characters that makes South Park more acceptable. For example,
--]what would be the impact of the same story, retold with human actors?

Good question. Does the need for fleshy deabstraction somehow make this
less or more of a value? Do ideas need a flesh container to speak them, or
can archtypical cut out cardboard containers do the same?

For me the message speaks thru the messanger, the messanger can be of many
guises.This is just one.

--]> HAVENT EVEN SEEN IT YET??? Jesus on a fucking uncle fucking donkey
--]> do you expect to have anyone take you with anything more than a
--]> grain of salt when you havent even reviewed the material in question first
--]> hand????
--]I gave full disclosure. Having seen several episodes of South Park on TV,
--]I'm assuming, perhaps incorrectly, that a similarly branded movie has most
--]of the same elements as the TV show. Do you disagree with this?

Your assumptions are not sound and I would shudder to think you use this
sampling and "gloss over" technique in your proffesional doings. It would
speak ill of values derived and judgments made.

--]> Naughty naughty naughty....... So much for proper scientific
--]> methodologies...
--]Guilty as charged. On the other hand, I don't think I was performing a
--]scientific experiment here, or proposing a falsifiable theory. I was simply
--]raising a critical objection to a movie.

And until you have seen this material youare still whistling in the dark
(tmbg bit goes here).

And with an open mind ...and popcorn...or chesey poofs

(and before i have to write this as a sperate post, Yes I am a bit tied to
this debate because i had the same one in a face to face confrontation
this weekend, and after the person actualy saw the film we were much
better able to realy get down to the meat of the matter )

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