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Tom Whore (
Wed, 7 Jul 1999 13:47:45 -0700 (PDT)

On Wed, 7 Jul 1999, Jim Whitehead wrote:

--]After all, can anyone on this list really make a rational defense for why a
--]movie containing:
--]* adult hate talk to a child
--]* brutality of a toddler (thrown out a window repeatedly)
--]* igniting anal wind then being incinerated
--]* a child on fire being beaten with a stick; the beater then being concerned
--]about the stick catching fire
--]* blood splatter and dripping organs numerous times
--]* death
--]* exploded chest of a child
--]* child beating with a wooden chair
--]* slap in the face
--]* electric shock to control a child
--]* death camp horrors
--]* lust for war
--]* wall poster of character on fire
--]* warfare blood and body parts

All these things are things that have, do and will happen in life.
Children are treated like kick toys , mentaly and physicaly, all around
us, and the thin curtian of Polite Society helps little to stop it rather
it holds the blinds to the eyes for those who will/can not live in a world
where this happens.

Extreem as the movie is we have all seen worse in the living of our lives
. So rather than pretend it does not exist this movie turns up the burner
from HIDE past SATIRE up past ABUSRDIST to a point where we find ourselfs
seeing a laugh come from these acts.

Politeists will shun this and screech of the valuelessness of the
movie...but the point is still there on the table...Do you hide from a
thing or confront it, and when a society hides from a thing how does it
look to those not so self-hobbled? Ridiculous just begins to describe it.

Yes this movie is dangerous, just as seeing a Vietnameese citizen shot in
the street or watching the movie Shoa, or driving by homless folk vomiting
blood on the sidewalk. Kind of shakes your belife in the Polite Humanity
we as a Culture are seeking to hold up.

Would I le t my kid, if I had such, see this? Yes, but after much
conversation, and afterwards still more question and answer seasions with
a carefull eye to them taking up the obvious points("Dad janeys being an
uncle fucker") and missing the facts of the stupidity of natioanl war and
the hypocrasy of adults to talk and walk in differnt directions.

--]And, while I haven't seen the movie yet, I torn by the fact that I'd
--]probably enjoy it.

HAVENT EVEN SEEN IT YET??? Jesus on a fucking uncle fucking donkey do you expect to have anyone take you with anything more than a
grain of salt when you havent even reviewed the material in question first

Naughty naughty naughty....... So much for proper scientific
methodologies...and its funny but the movie itself speaks to this sort of
Ever So Learned Review from people who forget to see the movie
itslef...Much as the preist nuns and Concerned citizens threw rosaries at
us on the opening night of LAst Temptation of Chirst without having seen
the thing themselves.

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