Re: South Park B/L/U: another opinion

Jeff Bone (
Wed, 07 Jul 1999 15:16:57 -0500

Folks, I was poking around that Xian activist movie review site JoeBar
posted [1] and I am just dumbfounded. The movie "October Sky" is given
a red alert, [2] i.e., considered in some way dangerous. "October Sky,"
in case you haven't seen it, is just about the most bucolic, nostalgic,
"positive message" (work hard, learn as much as you can, don't give up,
and you can be anything you want) movie in [my] recent memory. It's
almost disgustingly sweet. These folks don't like it because it
portrays tension between a father and son; because the main characters
--- high-school boys --- are arrested in handcuffs in the high school
(hey, happened to me!) thus portraying police as "Gestapo goons" (again,
happened to me!) Etc. etc.

Omigawd, the review even includes the phrase "potty-mouth!"

This is just really, really sad. One has to wonder: what kinds of
movies would be acceptable to these people? Presumably ones in which
there was no conflict whatsoever, no tension, no plot or character
development, no portrayal of anything remotely unpleasant, and no
connection to reality whatsoever. Perhaps 90 minutes of a blank screen.

How do these people cope with the real world at all if everything
offends them?