RE: South Park B/L/U: another opinion

Jim Whitehead (
Wed, 7 Jul 1999 12:50:09 -0700

> *South Park* is another movie straight from the smoking
> pits of Hell.

Well, while I tend to reject the main punch line of their analysis:

*South Park* is an *incredibly dangerous* movie for those who
do not understand or are developing an understanding of the
Gospel ....... INCREDIBLY dangerous.

Mainly because historical evidence paints a pretty poor picture of religion
through the ages, I did find myself resonating to the detailed breakdown of
the offensive aspects of the film.

After all, can anyone on this list really make a rational defense for why a
movie containing:

* adult hate talk to a child
* brutality of a toddler (thrown out a window repeatedly)
* igniting anal wind then being incinerated
* a child on fire being beaten with a stick; the beater then being concerned
about the stick catching fire
* blood splatter and dripping organs numerous times
* death
* exploded chest of a child
* child beating with a wooden chair
* slap in the face
* electric shock to control a child
* death camp horrors
* lust for war
* wall poster of character on fire
* warfare blood and body parts

Should be condoned in any way by society?

Granted, I was as entranced as any youth by potty jokes when I was younger,
and I read more than a few issues of Mad magazine, whose humor is in a
similar vein. So it's not that I don't "get" this kind of humor. But, I do
find it hard to justify a film that contains the elements described above.
And, while I haven't seen the movie yet, I torn by the fact that I'd
probably enjoy it.

- Jim