another intro...

Alexa Champion (
Wed, 7 Jul 1999 14:37:14 -0100

* Rohit Khare <>:

> [...] the standard operating procedure is to post a short
> introduction to yourself to the list. [...]

Okay. I thought I could squeak by on not doing this. But Rohit made a
point of insisting that I introduce myself to FoRK after we got out of the
movie _South Park: Bigger, Longer...yadda_ (N.B.: I'm still not sure if
that movie is complete regressive idiocy or postmodern genius.)

Anywho, I went to high school (gasp) with Rohit and fought incessantly with
the big guy while co-editing our high school newspaper. I'm a grad student
at Georgetown in the Communication, Culture & Technology program , a t.a. there and an instructor at a community
college. And to pay the bills, I do tech writing/editing and software
training for dummies (i.e., "this is a mouse.")

I thought I ought to subscribe once I did a search on my name in Google and
found several emails I had sent to Rohit posted to FoRK.

Hope this will suffice as an intro.

Alexa Champion