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Sally Khudairi (
Wed, 7 Jul 1999 14:05:31 -0400

I took 280 all last week while visiting SF/SilliValley area
clients and thought I'd implode from frustration. What is up
with this ridiculous midwestern "let's not scare anyone by
driving over 65" attitude? Granted, I think I freaked out my
native Eastcoast client with a little game of
catch-me-if-you-can with a couple of Porsche-driving
technohotties for several miles before being slammed into
X-Games-induced traffic.

Not that the rental Sebring convertible had a chance anyway.
Upon exceeding 70 -- accomplished by practically *standing*
on the accelerator -- the pitiful thing felt like it was
going to hurl itself into a twisted helix from the torque.
Perhaps this is some type of built-in speedbloc mechanism
for doggy cars.


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>> If the speed limit is 65 you should *NOT* be
>> going 50 in the left lane. Can anyone explain this? It
>> happens all the time.
>You must be driving on the wrong freeways :-)
>280, especially the stretch between Millbrae and Palo Alto,
>is glorious. On the other hand, 101 for the same stretch
>is pretty miserable. Even driving North into SF from
>San Bruno on 280, the left lane usually moves at 70mph.