Re: Turn of the Century / Cryptonomicon
Wed, 07 Jul 1999 13:29:06 -0400

> From: "Joseph S. Barrera III" <>

> You must be driving on the wrong freeways :-)

and how.

> 280, especially the stretch between Millbrae and Palo Alto,
> is glorious. On the other hand, 101 for the same stretch
> is pretty miserable. Even driving North into SF from
> San Bruno on 280, the left lane usually moves at 70mph.

speed.limits on many MI freeways are finally up to 70mph, and traffic
in the slow lane 'tween Ann Arbor and Pontiac (no, it's *not* Detroit)
was @ a steady 85mph, this weekend.

If only there were no posted limit, then I wouldn't even have to sweat
the state patrol... /me sings "Movin' to Montana soon..."


ps. haven't started my copy of Cryptonomicon, yet, so don't mind me
with my fingers stuck in my ears over here.