Re: Ken Coar's home page; A way out of e-zero-sum?

Tom Whore (
Mon, 5 Jul 1999 12:26:11 -0700 (PDT)

On Mon, 5 Jul 1999, Jim Whitehead wrote:

--]I offer the following alternative to Rohit's e-zero-sum argument. For
--]information products, there currently exists a marketplace inefficiency due
--]to miscategorization of products. Online merchants have the potential to
--]reduce this inefficiency, and thereby increase the total market (while, at
--]the same time, stealing some marketshare away from existing vendors). Thus,
--]e-commerce, at least for information products, offers the promise of
--]expanding markets, rather than simple redistribution of marketshare.

Thought---Simply redistribution? IN one sense maybe, but in the creation
or blossoming of various market branches I would have to say nope. More
than a mere shuffling of paper to bits I have been seeing (span of years
wise) creation. New lamps for old in many cases, but in some new lamps for

Example- where was the market for 80% of this music before? The
term "nofuckingwhere" comes to mind. While leveraging the need to hear
music of a like mineded sound they have branched out into ,if not new then
vastly underdevloped, fertile ground. I would realy like to see the break
down of bands, genre types, DLs, purchased CDs , DLvsPurchase to get a
good solid picture of mp3.coms economic advancments on this front. As to
the advancements in other than econmic avenues of Value I am well aware.

(if you are into ambient you may want to go there to look for some new
sources. It is a hunt still, but at its more like shooting fish in
a barrel)

Example- Game emulation..Where was this market before the insurgence of
the net into the homes and hearts of a spining globe? It has sprung up
over the last 4 years in ways undreamt of in pre 1992 ideologies. Looking
around we can see the traditonal game economies response; and the actual
effect they have had on the new ways and means.

Example- Porn. Yes folks, where gose games go porn, and vice versa. Porn
has flurished in the new petri dish and still has deep pocket eranings in
the non net world. Creation of a market or simply redistibution of means?
By the numbers it looks to be a definet growth in the new markets over and
above thier traditonal ones.

And facts to be faced, 6 years has nto passed and already behold what has
passed. Lets have this convo in 4 more years and compare. (not to say at
all a ceasation of the current thread is wanted, far from it.)

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