Re: MIT-LCS / Students under NDAs...

Rohit Khare (
Sat, 3 Jul 1999 13:52:42 -0400

>According to Lewin, MIT/LCS *management* was furious, and
>wanted to sue [for _what_ exactly is unknown]...the ideal
>circumstance to be a fly on the wall.

Still, when they're talking about you, they're not talking about
someone else. Any publicity can be *turned into* good publicity if
you have the right team. In this case, I believe the crisis spin is a
scandalously-pious stance of "We're so sorry MIT is so far and above
everyone else's sorry asses in academia that we *have* the problem of
multi-million dollar student-faculty conflicts..."

Essentially, a goodly chunk of Journal readership is inclined to
knock academia anyway, and to see a department this plugged-in to
commercial concerns is a *plus* -- and the whole piece definitely
reinforces the meta-message that "MIT is the real thing" for Internet

Mind you, it's utterly false, and the screwed-up moral compass of PR
is what got me out of that business: but that doesn't mean it's
important to recognize sweet-smelling bullshit when you see it... and
hire them :-)