Re: Fresh Meat

Chris Olds (
Fri, 2 Jul 1999 19:24:56 -0700

Rohit scribbled this:
> In a stunning sign of the apocalypse, I found the following two
> messages back to back in my inbox: JoeBar resubscribing, and TimByars
> unsubscribing. Other new forks for this batch include: Yuzo Kanomata,
> UCI staff droid and scarifyingly well-read blowtorch buddy; Alexa
> Champion, my storied co-editor-in-chief from the high school paper;
> and a random but mostly-harmless seeming fellow named Rajiv...

Well, for what it's worth, as you were writing that message, I felt the
earth move[1], and I bet TomWhore did too. Since I am moving to CA (which I
swore I wouldn't do again), I am inclined to think you are right; the end
times may indeed be upon us. Welcome back JoeBar! ttfn CobraBoy.